This page provides links to animation and storyboarding done by Ed Olson.
To view animation samples, click on the links below. Animation samples are Quick-Times.

 Hasbro Game Animation

Teaching Safari Home Page

Cloud B Promotional Video

   LadyBug Commercial

Gentle Giraffe Commercial

       3D Animation
Storyboards make up the design document that shape an entire production.  Angles, cutting, pacing, staging, acting, lighting and a myriad of other decisions are made at this stage, and these direct the activities of the production from this point on.  To view storyboard samples, click on the links below.

Copyright 1998,  Warner Brothers
  "Thomas Jefferson"

Copyright 1998,  Warner Brothers
  "Histeria" Stalin Spoof

Copyright 1997,  Warner Brothers
  "Histeria" Taft Parody

Copyright 1998,  Warner Brothers
  "Pinky & The Brain"

Copyright 1994,  Klasky-Csupo

         Copyright 1999 MYP
  Clothing Franchise